The objective of this conference is to explore the different relations and definitions given to property and possession in determined contexts. Property, broadly defined as a mechanism that outlines the relationship between subjects and valuable actors and things, is a highly contextual relationship. Given the contested definitions and applications, different stakeholders refer to property, as if the category has a unified and single meaning. For that reason, we are interested in engaging in the conversation of property beyond the law. We are inviting scholars who use the concept of property to think about relationships that exist in areas such as real property, cultural property, intellectual property, the politics of property, property, and colonialism, property and Indigenous nations, property and transitions, and property and environmental justice, among others.

This event is co-directed by Dr. Jane Anderson (Associate Professor at New York University and Global Fellow in the Engelberg Center for Innovation Law and Policy in the Law School at NYU) and Māui Hudson (Associate Professor, Te Kotahi Research Institute at the University of Waikato, from Whakatōhea, Ngā Ruahine and Te Māhurehure)


Brad Sherman - Australia University of Queensland Carlos Andrés Baquero - NYU Law School Edward Murphy - Michigan State University Fordham IP Journal of Law - Fordham University Law School Gabriele Wadlig - Dresden University of Technology Hai-Yuean Tualima - Victoria University of Wellington Jacob Golan - NYU - Law School Jane Anderson - NYU - Engelberg Center of Innovation Law & Policy Jason Mika - University of Waikato John Reid - University of Canterbury Jordan Wilson - NYU - Anthropology K-Sue Park - Georgetown University Law School Katharina Ruckstuhl - University of Otago Kathy Bowery - Australia UNSW Katie Lee Riddle - University of Waikato Kelsey Leonard - University of Waterloo Kēpa Brian Morgan - University of Auckland Kieran Brown - Partner and Director at Polis Consulting Group NZ Kirsten Anker - McGill University Law School Kylie Rosabal - University of New Mexico (UNM) School of Law Liz Macpherson - University of Canterbury Madhavi Sunder - Georgetown Law Marilyn Strathern - Anthropology University of Cambridge Maron E. Greenleaf - Dartmouth University - Anthropology Matthew Canfield - Leiden Law School Matthew Rout - University of Canterbury Maui Hudson - University of Waikato Meghan Morris - University of Cincinnati Natalie Kusabs - University of Waikato Stephanie Carroll - University of Arizona Tim Coltman - University of Waikato Trevor Reed - Arizona State University Vanessa Smith - NYU - Museum Studies