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Our People

The Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy provides a unique environment where scholars can examine the key drivers of innovation as well as the law and policy that best support innovation. By fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative research on innovation law and policy, the Engelberg Center attracts legal scholars and practitioners, technologists, economists, social scientists, physical scientists, historians, innovators, and industry experts who study the incentives that motivate innovators, how those incentives vary among creative endeavors, and the laws and policies that help or hinder them.

Here are some of the people who make up the Engelverse.

Faculty Co-Directors

Affiliated Faculty


Program Fellows

Visiting Scholars

Advisory Board

Erich Andersen General Counsel & Head of Corporate Affairs ByteDance/TikTok
Judge Raymond T. Chen ('94) U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Stephen Coates Founder Coates IP
Judge Denise L. Cote U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
Greg Cram Associate Director of Copyright and Information Policy The New York Public Library
John Desmarais ('88) Founding Partner Desmarais LLP
Ayala Deutsch ('89) Executive Vice President & Deputy General Counsel NBA Properties, Inc.
Vladimir Elgort Chief IP Counsel American Express
Alfred Engelberg ('65) Trustee The Engelberg Foundation
Henry Hadad Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Bristol-Myers Squibb
Judge Pierre N. Leval U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Benjamin Marks (’97) Partner Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
Erin Mehta Senior Corporate Counsel, Intellectual Property & Technology Northrop Grumman
Donna Meuth Associate General Counsel Intellectual Property Eisai
Judge Pauline Newman ('58) U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Douglas Norman Vice President and General Patent Counsel Eli Lilly and Company
Christopher R. Noyes Partner WilmerHale
Benjamin R. Yrun Ostapuk Vice President, Law and Policy Group; Director, Intellectual Property Legal Group Intel Corporation
Steven Purdy Senior IP Counsel IBM
Melanie Rupert ('01) Partner Paul Hastings LLP
Judit Rius Sanjuan International Governmental Organization
Laura Sheridan Senior Patent Counsel Google
Jule Sigall Associate General Counsel, IP Policy & Strategy Microsoft Corporation
Gigi Sohn Distinguished Fellow Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy
Bruce Wexler ('92) Partner Paul Hastings LLP

Engelberg Center Community Alumni

Joe Adamczyk Student Fellow 2020-22
Jonathan Ashtor Fellow 2021-22
Zach Bass Student Fellow 2020-21
Jonathan Bi Student Fellow 2020-22
Edmund (Ned) Brose Student Fellow 2021-22
Mario Cabral Student Fellow 2021-22
Albert Fox Cahn Fellow 2019-2021
Cassi Carley Student Fellow 2020-21
Doug Cawley Advisory Board Member 2018-23
Mala Chatterjee Fellow 2018-22
Aaron Chow Student Fellow 2021-22
Jessica Cruz Fino Student Fellow 2021-22
Navya Dasari Student Fellow 2020-22
Melodi Dincer Knowing Machines Fellow 2022-23
Sarah Feingold Affiliate Fellow 2019-23
Mark E. Ferguson Advisory Board Member 2018-23
MC Forelle Fellow 2021-22
Kat Geddes Fellow 2019-21
Christophe Geiger University of Strasbourg (Visiting Faculty 2021)
Juyoun Han Fellow 2021-22
Xanthia Hargreaves Student Fellow 2022-23
Lindsay Harris Student Fellow 2023
Camilla Hrdy Visiting Scholar 2021-23
Keith Hummel Advisory Board Member 2018-23
Santana Jackson Student Fellow 2019-20
Amba Kak Fellow 2019-21
Batya Kemper Student Fellow 2022-23
Noreen Krall Advisory Board Member 2018-23
Sam Krystal Fellow 2021-22
Sarah Lamdan Fellow 2020-23
Jennifer Lan Student Fellow 2020-22
Matthias Leistner Visiting Scholar 2023
Ethan Lin Student Fellow 2020-21
Cade Mallett Student Fellow 2021-22
Patricia Martone Affiliate Fellow 2021-23
Varoon Mathur Fellow 2020-21
Neha Mehta Student Fellow 2020-22
Gabriel Nicholas Fellow 2019-21
Aslesha Parchure Student Fellow 2021-22
Joseph Petersen Advisory Board Member 2018-23
Linnea Pittman Student Fellow 2019-20
Joe Rabinovitsj Student Fellow 2020-21
Mark Rachlin Advisory Board Member 2018-23
Ashok Ramani Advisory Board Member 2018-23
Claudia Ray ('92) Advisory Board Member 2018-23
Clarissa Redwine Fellow 2020-21
Holly Ritson Student Fellow 2020-21
Yeseul Song Joint Fellow with the NYU ITP Program 2020-21
David Stein Student Fellow 2021-22
Neal Stimler Fellow 2019-20
Kathryn Taylor Student Fellow 2020-22
Lee Tusman Fellow 2021-22
Chanique Vassell Student Fellow 2021-22
Jacob Victor Fellow 2018-20
Talya Whyte Student Fellow 2022-23
Claire Woodcock Digital Ownership Fellow 2022-23
Sam Yu Student Fellow 2021-22
Juliana Zhang Student Fellow 2019-22
Kathy Zhang Fellow 2021-22