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Amy Adler

Emily Kempin Professor of Law

Amy Adler, the Emily Kempin Professor of Law at NYU School of Law, is one of the leading scholars of Art Law in the US. She teaches Art Law, First Amendment Law, and Feminist Jurisprudence at NYU Law, and lectures about these topics to a wide range of audiences in both art and law. Adler’s scholarship focuses on the persistent conflict between legal rules and cultural and artistic expression, addressing topics such as fair use, moral rights, online norms, authenticity, and the art market. Her recent scholarship focuses on the role of copying—and copyright law—in contemporary culture. Another series of recent articles explores the relationship between art and free speech.

Adler graduated from the Yale Law School, where she was a senior editor of the Yale Law Journal. She graduated summa cum laude from Yale University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and where she received the Marshall Allison Prize in the arts and letters. Adler clerked for Judge John M. Walker Jr. of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.