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A New Global Copyright Order? The EU Directive in a Global Context (Part 2)

Season 1 Episode 16

In this episode, we talk through the so called “unanticipated consequences” of the 2019 European copyright directive. How will this directive impact individual content creators, users, and smaller and medium sized UGC platforms? What about those that host non-audiovisual content? From automated copyright filters to blanket licenses for UGC platforms, the directive is a springboard to address a range of issues that are at the heart of current online copyright reform debates.

On today’s episode we discuss the range of questions that the Copyright Directive raises. While the possibility of global contagion of the EU Directive remains uncertain, we speculate on the (im)possibility of transplanting the licensing  mandate of the Directive in the US context.

As filters are promoted as a silver bullet to copyright enforcement, we ask whether they even work, and who they work against. We discuss the particular impacts on users and individual content creators that lose out most in this negotiation between institutional copyright holders and large UGC platforms.

Our guests for this episode:

  • Kat Geddes, PhD candidate NYU Law

  • Jamie Greenberg, Corporate counsel, Wattpad

  • Meredith Rose, Public Knowledge

This episode - along with other episodes in the series - has been approved for one CLE credit in the Area of Professional Practice  category. The credit is appropriate for both newly admitted and experienced attorneys. Please email to obtain CLE credit and for an accessible version of the transcript that includes CLE codes.