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Assessing Strategies to Delay Generic Drug Entry

Scott Hemphill (Moderator), Robin Feldman, Jaw Lefkowitz, Sean Nicholson, and Judge William G. Young

On March 10, 2021, our journal partnered with the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law and Policy to host a symposium addressing the role and impact of U.S. innovation policy on access to medicine. Our 2021 Symposium Issue—Volume 11, Issue 1—captures that event.

The following article represents the fourth of four panels. This panel assessed strategies to delay generic drug entry. The panel was moderated by Professor Scott Hemphill of NYU School of Law. The panelists included Professor Robin Feldman of UC Hastings Law School, Jay Lefkowitz of Kirkland & Ellis, Professor Sean Nicholson of Cornell University, and Judge William G. Young of the District of Massachusetts.