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Machine learning

GenAI & the Creativity Cycle: Can AI help everyone enjoy culture as a global public good?

Season 3 Episode 26

This episode is the “Can AI help everyone enjoy culture as a global public good?” panel from the Generative AI & the Creativity Cycle Symposium hosted by Creative Commons at the Engelberg Center. It was recorded on September 13, 2023. This symposium is part of Creative Commons’ broader consultation with the cultural heritage, creative, and tech communities to support sharing knowledge and culture thoughtfully and in the public interest, in the age of generative AI. You can find the video recordings for all panels on Creative Commons’ YouTube channel, licensed openly via CC BY.

Brigitte Vézina (Creative Commons) moderating a conversation with Yacine Jernite (Hugging Face), Stacey Lantagne (Western New England University), and Nicholas Garcia (Public Knowledge)