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Update: The Race

Season 2 Episode 8

Things are heating up! Episodes every two weeks.

Hey folks!  You’ve all been amazing, just stellar. Thank so much to everyone sending in notes of support. All of your messages, words of encouragement, and chef kiss emojis have meant so much to me and everyone who contributed to this oral history.  

Along with a giant heartfelt thank you, this is a quick announcement that we’re changing up the cadence for releasing episodes. We’re getting into what might be the juiciest part of the story - when the union drive becomes an intense race between workers and management. From here on out each episode will be jam packed with events and activity from both management and union organizers.  There will be a lot to get through and a lot to digest.  So you can look forward to a fresh episode every two weeks. It’s worth the wait. 

Feel free to reach out and let us know what you think of the oral history so far and, of course, I encourage you to share the brilliant voices of my fellow organizers far and wide. We’re all in this together and this story is about to really heat up.